Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my little chatterbox

Several days ago, Ahna and I were having quite a conversation on the back porch.  When I climbed up on a chair to snap her photo, she was utterly concerned.

Mama, get off that chair. We're not supposed to stand on chairs, Mama.

Mama, what are you doing up in that chair?

We're not 'posed to stand in chairs, Mama, because we will fall.
Won't we, Mama?

But grown-ups can stand in chairs, 'cause they might not fall, right Mama?
And I can't stand in chairs, either, can I, Mama? Cause I will fall, too.
And I would hurt myself, wouldn't I, Mama?

But you should get down from the chair, Mama.
(still some residual redness and swelling in her eyes, from the surgery) 

Good thing she's not bossy.


Karen said...

Oh my~ look at all that expression on her sweet little face! Great photos! Bossy?(or as we say, "steely determination"? ;)
Looks like she is recovering well- so glad!
Enjoy your week!

Christy said...

Bossy, Ahna???? NO WAY, I don't believe it. If you just do what she says & get in the closet like mom did, no problems at all!!! Hey, she can do works!!

Les said...

She's so adorable!!! Call us in about 18 years! We've got a cutie for her!
Happy referral anniversary!
Lesli Cryer

Kathleen said...

Bossy??? It's gotta be a chinese thing! My husband is from Taiwan and my little girl who just turned 3 thinks she is in charge of all things on this planet. She is a rule follower...but the problem is she picks carefully whose rules she enforces! Ahna is beautiful by the way!

khaye said...

hi!nice photos

Gabe and Nicole said...

So very cute. I'm so glad you were both blessed to find each other.

The Cloth Diaper Connection said...

such a cutie!