Thursday, August 13, 2009

stuck already

I haven't even waded all the way back in, and I am in quick-sand.

I think of posting on the blog several times a day. One of the kids will say or do something, or I'll have a memory flash, or I'll be pondering an important or unimportant matter. And I'll think, "Now there's something to write about." Plus there's all the other stuff I intend to jot down here, too, the stuff of "my story." Honestly, if I had an obsession, it would be writing. Or the desire to do so.

While I'm painting or doing laundry or tending to Ahna or whatever, I'll actually form the paragraphs in my head. It will all sound so good. The title will come to me, then I will just begin to write. In my head.

And once I come to the computer, it all goes away. Or at least becomes muddled. Nonsensical.

So I'm trying to figure ME out. How it is I'm going to actually get the words on the paper (rather, on the computer screen).

Because I do intend to. I am resolved.

The end. of this post.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

what are you up to?

I'm listening to Ahna sing in her crib via the monitor, while she tries to get to sleep. Twinkle Twinkle is her favorite lately, and though her words aren't quite clear yet, her tune is impeccable. So sweet.

And I'm painting. Because of one new couch, I have felt the need to repaint 3 rooms. They're all sort-of connected and of one color scheme, so it is necessary. I've been ready to change the color of those rooms, anyway, so the couch has given me enough of a reason to get the project started.

And as with many of my projects, I am S L O W at seeing progress. I am ok with that, though, and am trying not to be in too big a hurry. Which is a good thing, since I do have two-year old Ahna playing and dancing around me at every turn.

Putting a fresh coat of primer on the brick red hue, I also notice traces of the pink color that was there when we first moved in 4 years ago. Yes, pink. Girly pink, in a dining room and living room. Go figure. Needless to say, my husband was not moving into the house until the pink was gone. Or covered up. Funny to think about that, since at the time we didn't have the foggiest idea that we'd be seeing lots of 'pink' in the years to come, only in a different room of the house - Ahna's room.

SLOW progress. I see it in many areas of my life:

1. My decorating venture.

2. My attempt at being a consistent blogger.

3. Decisions to be made regarding the education of our children. This coming school year. I know, it's August already.

4. Being more physically fit through diet and exercise.

5. Living joyfully, in the mundane. My personal motto for the last several days has been, "Do it ALL joyfully, and then see what happens." The ALL being the laundry, tending to the wet towels on the carpet, the piles of dirty clothes that aren't in a basket, the dishes in the sink that I didn't put there, etc. etc.

I really think the "see what happens" may only be in my own personal attitude, but that will be enough. And to keep it real, I need quite a few attitude shifts in my life.

Slow progress. But I'll get there.

About the blog: my plan is to post a few photos of Ahna from the last year, until we're caught up to the present time. The ones below are from October 2008. In the second photo, she could barely stand on her own. I would steady her, then snap a photo quickly, before she fell. She had gone from scooting around on her belly, though, to crawling very well (at around 14 months). By the end of November 2008, she was taking her first steady steps (17 months). The strength in her legs increased daily, as she was allowed mobility and exercise. Now, she hardly ever stops running.