Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my little chatterbox

Several days ago, Ahna and I were having quite a conversation on the back porch.  When I climbed up on a chair to snap her photo, she was utterly concerned.

Mama, get off that chair. We're not supposed to stand on chairs, Mama.

Mama, what are you doing up in that chair?

We're not 'posed to stand in chairs, Mama, because we will fall.
Won't we, Mama?

But grown-ups can stand in chairs, 'cause they might not fall, right Mama?
And I can't stand in chairs, either, can I, Mama? Cause I will fall, too.
And I would hurt myself, wouldn't I, Mama?

But you should get down from the chair, Mama.
(still some residual redness and swelling in her eyes, from the surgery) 

Good thing she's not bossy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

surgery day in photos

 She has certainly had some rough moments, but Ahna has done so well with her eye surgery recovery.  The first day was no fun at all for her.  She received so much sedative that she slept fitfully all day and night, and was very unhappy and in pain when she was awake.

The swelling and redness have actually been much less than we had expected.  Today was the first morning she awoke, though, and actually opened her eyes.  (4th post-op day)  She usually spends the first couple of hours with her eyes closed, through breakfast and whatever else she's doing.  She's just afraid of how they'll feel, so she leaves them at rest.  It's kinda funny, actually, to see how well she has adjusted to moving around without being able to see.  

The worst part of the whole experience has been putting in antibiotic eye drops and steroid ointment.  Absolutely EXCRUTIATING.  

On the way to the hospital, sparkly shoes ON. The only shoes the girl wants on her feet. 

Before surgery, getting vital signs, etc.  She did so great with all the nurses and multiple hospital staff we had to deal with.  

Chillin' with Daddy....... and doing gymnastics.

Then a really rough Recovery Room experience, but finally she was asleep on Daddy.  He had been holding her standing up, and was finally able to ease down onto the bed.  Can anyone tell she's a Daddy's Girl??
from IPhone:
IMG_0450 (3)

And on the way home, with her cool shades on.  
IMG_0460 (2)

Later that night.  I think that was Dora on the computer.  
She was pitiful.

But then the next day?  Ready by the afternoon, to spash in a makeshift "pool" while Daddy was washing cars.  She went out in sunglasses, but tossed them aside after a while.
And yes, I stressed out when I saw this picture and realized that she was holding the water hose and COULD'VE sprayed her face and eyes with that very strong current.  And that would've been BAD.
But she didn't.

See ya later!!