Friday, May 28, 2010

a late posting of earlier events

11:30 a.m. and she’s in surgery.
Was such a trooper this morning. Woke her just a few minutes before we needed to be on our way. Reminded her that it was Hospital Day and that God was going to help the doctor fix her eyes.
After gathering her full medical kit, a couple of lovies, her favorite blanket, and 2 stuffed animals (which she wanted nothing to do with once we arrived here) – we were on our way.

Buckled in her carseat, she asked, “May I please have a snack now, Mommy?”
“Well, we have to get to the hospital first. And then you’ll have a snack a little later, OK?”
“MAAMMAAA…. Hospitals don’t have snacks.”  (rolling her eyes at me like I didn't have a clue)

A few days ago, we were at the pediatrician’s office for her pre-op check, and it was the FIRST TIME EVER that she didn’t frantically scream throughout the entire process. She has been absolutely terrified of the doctor’s office and all things medical-related, since the day we took her from the orphanage worker.  Completely uncooperative, she wails her way through every event, every time we set foot in the door to the doctor’s office. It was such a relief, this past visit, to see that she was finally beginning to understand and cope and know that she was safe.

That being said, we were apprehensive about how she might tolerate all the events of today. Sensory overload happens quickly for Ahna. BUT – she has done beautifully, perfectly, performed like a champ. And we are so proud of her!

The final step of the morning, before surgery, was the "induction room."  Here, Ahna was to inhale her grape flavored "sleepy gas" through a mask, which of course would put her to sleep.  A kind man came to wheel her away, parents by her side.  It was a fun ride through the hallways of the hospital, back through a long corridor, and into the entrance to the operating room.  At this point, she had finally had enough, and decided that she did NOT want that mask near her, nor the 3 or 4 new faces around her.  Thankfully, her cries and yells and wide eyed fear lasted only about 60 seconds, and she was sound asleep.

Bill and I were led here, to the surgery waiting area, to WAIT.

More, a little later.

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