Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh, my.

It has been way too long. I do have sort-of a good reason for being away, though. At the end of October I began to have some medical issues, which led to major surgery the second week of December. After several weeks of recovery, (and doing every last bit of Christmas shopping online), I am doing wonderfully now.

Obviously, this blog was pushed aside. I have said here more than once that I REALLY want to blog. Which I believe is part of the reason why I do not. Because when the things of life call and circumstances beckon, I begin to feel (false) guilt for doing things I really enjoy doing. That, however, is a great big topic for another day.

Right now I just wanted to pop in here and say HI. I so hope that I'm officially "on my way back." I have got to get this blog a makeover, though! And, boy, could I use a makeover! I watched way too much Wh*t Not to We*r on TLC while I was recouping....

I'll be catching up with all of you over the next several days, and look forward to reading about your holiday adventures. This family's Great Adventure with Ahna continues. What a blast, what extreme joy, to finally have her with us this Christmas. She delights us all, all the time.

Typing that last sentence reminds me of another sentence: one that floated through my mind earlier. It is what I want to do, and it is this: I want to write simply, and to simply write. Which reminds me of my very first blog post which was entitled "Just Do It."

And since I am literally falling asleep writing this and not even making sense, I will close until next time. Thanks for reading my rambling!